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El Segundo, CA
Tel (310) 726-3000

 AWR is a leading supplier of high-frequency
 electronic design automation (EDA) products for
 the design of wireless telecommunications
 equipment, semiconductors, high-speed
 computers, networking systems, automotive
 mobility systems, & a variety of other products.

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  Microwave Office - the industry's fastest
  growing microwave and RF design platform,
  revolutionizing the communications design
  world by providing users with a superior choice.

  Analog Office - the first complete IC design
  system in over ten years that is specifically
  architected and optimized from the ground up
  for next-generation analog and RFIC designs.

  Visual System Simulator (VSS) - a
  comprehensive software suite for the design of
  complete, end-to-end communications systems.

  Signal Integrity - the industry's first cross-
  domain signal integrity (SI) solution specifically
  developed for designing and analyzing high-
  frequency, high-speed electronics circuits.

  APLAC - APLAC is a foundry-approved circuit
   simulation technology for highly nonlinear and
   complex designs.

  Axiem - 3-D electromagnetic simulation