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Radio Product Retailer Websites

Advanced Radio Systems, Inc
866-900-Mall / Miami, FL

Motorola 2-way radios, batteries and accessories.

Amazon.com Radio Products

Two way, FRS / GMRS Radios and accessories.

BearCom, Inc
800-458-9887 / Dallas, TX

Distributor of Motorola and Icom two-way radio equipment and a major distributor of Nextel products.

Buy Two-Way Radios
800-584-1445 / Rock Hill, SC

Specializing in personal FRS and GMRS two-way radios.

08705 425 425 / UK

Two way radios, mobile phones, fax machines.

Communications USA
800-338-1949 / San Diego, CA

Two-Way radio and wireless communications provider offering both products and support in wireless broadband, two-way radio, and two-way radio accessories.

Day Wireless Systems
800-503-3433 / Milwaukie OR

Portable two way radios, mobile two-way radios, repeaters, call boxes, pagers.

800-872-2228 / Palo Alto, CA

Solar-powered, self-powered AM/FM, Weatherband, portable, shortwave, Grundig, American Red Cross, XM radios.

JTECH’s Communications, Inc
800-321-6221 / Boca Raton, FL

Offers end-to-end silent, wireless communication solutions for every type of business

Midland Radio Corp
816-241-8500 / Kansas City, MO

Wireless two-way and weather/hazard alert radios including GMRS, weather radio, VHF marine, handheld & mobile CB, handheld & mobile radio, telemetry, base stations, repeaters, Roip.

Muir Communications Ltd
250-475-2004 / Victoria B.C. Canada

Ham, CB, two way, amateur, VHF marine radios, scanners, and accessories.

O’Gormans Ltd
0845 330 3655 / UK

Cobra Goodmans Motorola pmr446 2 way radios, walkie talkies, mobile personal radio for mail order anywhere.

Radio Accessory Headquarters, Inc
888-438-7247 / Sacramento CA

Provide a great selection of professional communications equipment including two way radios, accessories, batteries, hazmat, tactical, I.S., safety products surveillance, receivers.

01600 750 333 / UK

Retailer of a wide range of handheld radio scanners and accessories. Site includes links to product reviews, modifications and software downloads. International shipping provided.

RadioShack Corp
817-415-3700 / Fort Worth, TX

Consumer electronics specialty retailer and provider of business-to-business retail support services.

RELM Wireless
800-821-2900 / West Melbourne, FL

Developing & delivering the next-generation platform of land mobile radio (LMR) products under three primary brands - BK Radio, RELM/BK, and RELM.

SLC Distributing
800-889-2839 / Eureka MT

Two way radios, HAM, scanners, antennas, marine, CB, GPS products.

West Coast Mall
541-812-2345 / Albany, OR

Retail dealer of new CB radios, FRS / GMRS radio, marine electronics, scanners, antennas, radar detectors, and other consumer electronics.

Innovative Power Products Resistors Terminations

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